Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Great White Storm

Too bad, the above photo is really more meaningful when seen in its video format: five crazy children jumping for all  their might on a trampoline in a raging blizzard, one concerned neighbor standing by while their parents sip red wine and film from indoors, thank you!

We had around 17 inches by the next morning, yee-ha! Shoveling went on for hours, hot coffee with whipped cream was served to the neighbors, cocoa to their children, who were outside, literally, all day until past dark. Then we ate around the fire by candlelight; crepes for the Chandeleur; the presentation of Christ at the Temple celebrated yet in France, an event substituted by the church for St.Brigit...the return of the sun's strength and warmth; thus the old tradition of making sun-shaped crepes.

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