Monday, February 28, 2011

Working from Home

For my husband, this means he does his usual work from his computer in a corner, while balancing some sort of child-care if I am gone, an ear-set on his head for meetings. For me, this morning, this means trying to type in bed between bouts of running to the bathroom for my sick Arthur and trying to soothe Puck who is climbing and draping himself all over me in an attempt to keep from falling back to sleep at 5:30am.

It will be a day at home, not just because of children who are ill beyond belief, but because we had thunderstorms last night at 32 degrees, on top of the 4 inches of snow that just fell. Temps quickly cooled down to 25 or so, which means the roads are absolutely treacherous. Pierre will take the car for once, this should reassure me, but it doesn't.

Just in; Aragorn, 12, is down as well. His back "feels like it is breaking," and he can't walk unassisted. I should have known something was up with him when I found him taking a shower to warm up at midnight. I was so tired I just told him to go back to bed. We were both suffering from delusion, clearly.

Days like this, I believe in the power of homeopathy, hot tea with honey, and the DVD player.


  1. Oh No! That sounds just awful! I hope you and the kids get better soon. Poor Aragorn, he sounds utterly miserable. Is it the 'flu? With that much pain it surely sounds like it. You must have your hands full taking care of a house full of sick kids. Homeopathy sounds great for a cold but for the flu you may want to resort to some Motrim for the severe pain and fever.

    Take care all!

  2. Hello sweet family ! It's nice to hear from you again.
    We missed you during this PC time off.
    How can I improve my English without your daily post ?
    Bons baisers from France.

  3. I hope you are all on the mend. We ALL had it last week and it was awful.


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