Thursday, May 12, 2011

Did They Really Say That?

You just never know what might happen...or what a child might say or do, even after the crazy, unpredictable stage of toddlerhood has passed. I guess we are now entering the other new stage of adolescence.

Aragorn decided to cut his hair, out of the blue, seemingly, but there was certainly some motivating factor that I will never know about behind the decision. He also chose a musical institute he would like to attend in his old age, as in when he is 16 or so. And yesterday, he announced that he was going to become a minister. I stopped breathing for a moment, while I pondered this unlikely change of heart from my 12-year-old son. My first thought, would you believe, was "he's not the third child, that doesn't sync with birth order characteristics." My second thought, (really, what kind of mother am I? statistics before instinct?), was "I didn't think he liked church that much."

Then came the reality check, way too quickly on the heels of the original declaration. "Online I can get a certificate for $11 and be a minister. My friend L. did it and he is going to meet with some people this week about celebrating their wedding." Oh man, words failed me, except perhaps all the wrong words. I think I said; "no way, you cannot marry anyone before you can vote." This was followed by something akin to; "you would have to be an idiot to be married by a kid." Nice.

I do see the opportunities here for deep discussion on the importance of relationships and marriage as a sanctified, solemn commitment, not to be entered into lightly or quickly. Another on respect for vocations that have taken people years of study, deep reflection, and devotion. But I was doing the dishes, making a dish to take to a church potluck and trying to sort out a few pressing details requiring phone calls. It was far from my finest moment as a mother.

Then Lily chose the movie for our knitting night and gave me another shock. She and I have watched "Miss Potter" and "The Sound of Music", "Northanger Abby" and countless teen-type flicks of the science fiction/fantasy genre. You could have knocked me over with a breath when she hit the play button and began "Jackie Chan, the Spy Next Door." And it was a perfect movie to watch together, light, funny and full of daring stunts and complex relationship struggles. (Not that the struggles or characters were complex, just the relationships.)

Besides martial arts movies, Lily has been studying sailing; types of boat materials, stories of sailors from around the world, learning about longitude and latitude and prevailing winds around the bottom of S.America and Africa. This has all been self-directed, as is her exploration of boarding schools and writing contests. Here is a link to her blog:

It is fantastic to live with children who will keep forcing us out of our boring comfort zone, into new territory. Enjoy the trip!

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  1. Right after I picked up my lower mandible (which was resting on my knee after reading your post) I said 'Ohhhhh.... boy'

    'nuff said.


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