Thursday, May 19, 2011

Special New Blogs

Today I would like to feature new or newer blogs that have captured my attention or imagination and that you may like too. The first two are very special, as they are written by children. The first is a blog full of interesting tidbits that keep life full of the desire to learn: The second, written by one dear to my own heart, is primarily book reviews by a true lover of books;

Next up is a family whose lives are rich and a little different, but not as much as you might think. Since I always wanted to live in the country with lots and lots of children, and discovered a little bit late that midwife would have been my vocation of choice, her life has always seemed perfectly lovely to me. The past couple of posts are on stinging nettles and herbal healing traditions, there are others a little more controversial...and served straight up!

My dear, long-time friend from France has started her first blog, and it is a delicious treat for one's tired eyes. Just taking a tour through her beautiful blog; one of flowers and antique finds that she fixes up or uses in new ways, has made me feel more French. I've been inspired to dig out things hidden away in cupboards and visit my local thrift and resale shops looking for that perfect something to do a mundane job in a more beautiful way. Ugly compost (slop) bucket...finally replaced by a blue and white porcelain canister, broken soap dish replaced by brown plate, now replaced by a very kitsch-y swan holder. Don't let the language deter you, just soak up the sights, if nothing else. She has promised an English version soon.

The kids are wondering just when breakfast will be today...Happy blog browsing!


  1. Thanks for posting about my blog. Here is the link to my other one:

  2. My dear friend, I'am so honored you talked about my new little blog !
    I hope I will deserve your attention. In France many people like me have some hesitation to talk about themselves and their family or children. Because it's so precious. So it's easier for me to speak about the others and their talents. I just want to share the beauties which surround us, sometimes without we pay any attention to them, the ones we can simply appreciate in our daily life : when sharing good moments with our family, friends, or cooking in the kitchen, or gardening... When you discover the know-how of the past, it teaches you a great humility and helps to build a nice present and future.
    I sincerely thank you. When you teached me English a few (many)years and babies ago as you where a studying in France, it was already obvious at that time that you liked to make happiness around you !

  3. I love reading your blog with my morning coffee. The French one is beautiful! Did you know I went to France as an exchange student?

  4. The first comment is actually from Lily, who responded while logged in as me!

  5. Stephanie,

    It is always so lovely to hear from you, and your blog is a gleaming gem in this hurried world. Thank you for the sweet words.

  6. Ah, MHH, I did NOT know you went to France as an exchange student! That explains the French music from the late 80's that I hear in class...
    How many many things you have done in such a short life!
    Your posts are always enlightening, I've been dwelling on the heroic vs. the wise woman tradition all week. And anything on media and junk food meets with my full enthusiasm!
    (Would you believe that the word verification for this comment is "belly"?)


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