Saturday, May 14, 2011

Your State Capitol

How many of us have ever taken the time to visit their state capitol building? Ah, or is it just our family, a little allergic to road trips and with a European mentality, regarding driving distance, who has not done so until now? 

Well, we did visit our Iowa state capitol building in Des Moines this week and what a treat! The first time I ever saw it was when I was 18, and I come from a family who loves to travel. I guess it just didn't seem worth a trip, until I needed to visit my senator's office. Even then, it was a quick in and out, with a lingering memory of grandeur I did not imagine existed in my home state. This time we took as much time as we liked, wandering around and exploring for a long time. 

Photos were not easy, but here are a few. And give a thought to this wonderful homeschool field trip opportunity, it's free, it's educational, (you can organize a visit with your senator and easily join a tour) and in Iowa, it is a work of beauty and wonder.

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