Friday, June 28, 2013

Mama Fit Grammar

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post because it allowed my fitness-addled-brain to take a break from considering whether or not the parallelism of my phrases was "faulty" and other such delights that only a true grammar geek would enjoy. Grammarly would also like very much to help me with my run-on sentences and keep me from ending a sentence with a preposition. I can see this becoming habit-forming. It really covers the whole gamut of English usage, from spelling of "to, too, two," to use of verb tenses and beyond. Sometimes I simply write too fast to be as precise or as careful as I'd like to be.

Exercise has become the same way. I have been twiddling my thumbs and wringing my hands the past two days over a lack of time to fit in a work-out. Making that time is a priority, you know it is as well as I do, but time is not, alas, elastic.

Part of staying healthy is being able to forgive yourself for your short-comings, and get on with life. I plan to chill reading to my kids for awhile, then go out and enjoy date night with T. I will get up and go to the gym tomorrow morning, no regrets.

Full disclosure: Grammarly invited me to test their grammar check program. I did so over a period of time, and with thoughts of whether or not this would be useful to homeschoolers and bloggers. After thoroughly testing it with excellent support from their tech team, I decided to accept their offer of sponsorship; it is a top-quality product.

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