Saturday, January 11, 2014

Book Review: Defenders of the Universe by Cate Chenus

I had the pleasure of finding this review of my daughter's book in my mailbox last Sunday. It is from Ann Haily, author of several children's books. Thank you, Ann!

A well-developed story line-good characters-sparkling prose! That's what you will find in "Defenders of the Universe: Book One of the Alyssandra Triolgy" by Cate Chenus.
This debut novel by a young member of the UUCqc community introduces a believable group of Defenders who are protecting the (clueless) rest of us from the destructive machinations of determined enemies: powerful mages whose goal is the destruction of all that is human.

From the stunning cover photograph to the final, peaceful scene, CateChenus held my interest with her fresh interpretation of the "save the world" genre. She draws upon first-hand knowledge of sibling relationships, the Scottish highlands, archery, martial arts, Paris, and
storytelling to write in an immediate, active style that moves the plot through this well-constructed story.

"Defenders of the Universe" is available from in a Kindle edition. So, sad to say, no autographed copies are available! However, when I finally sat down and looked on-line, I found it quite easy to purchase a copy for my computer or Android tablet.

For the price of a 90-minute movie, you can have several hours of great reading. Folks, treat yourself and buy this book!

I look forward to Book Two.

Ann Hailey

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