Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Early AM Teacher Prep

I find that the best way to start a homeschooling day is by making sure certain things are done BEFORE the kids are up; a load of wash thrown in, the bread in the bread machine, tidying up the playroom where we do lessons, and one more, the most important; some me, alone time. A cup of tea, a little breakfast and some exercise in whatever form it may take.

Yoga has always been my favorite; you move and stay sane and centered all at the same time. The past two months, I have been limited to seated yoga. I've tried a few videos and lots of youtube choices. Here is my current favorite:
Seated Yoga with David Procyshyn.
He is not as pretty as some of the women instructors, and his voice can put you to sleep, but the workout is very, very well done, with clear, move-by-move instructions, (very important, as my body does not always go in the direction the instructor thinks it should), and no background music, lights or distractions; a nice green field and silent birds. My the time I am through shavasana, I am relaxed to the point of a coma, yet energized to start my day with the munchkins.

Always remember to only go as far as is comfortable for you, right now, in yoga poses. It is a practice, and with time, you will grow more flexible and gain more stamina. It is not a contest. Use the extra time inbetween poses to shake out your knees or wiggle your hips.



  1. Hello! I found your site via your comment on my Sicilian Housewife blog....
    My son is semi home-schooled, not through my choice, but because children in Italy attend school in the morning and are given ann afternoon's work of homework which has to be supervised by parents.
    Your early-morning industry sounds like my dearm ideal, but what time do your kids wake up? My son is bouncing on my bed at 6am most days, 6.30 is his idea of a lie-in! I cannot beat him that!!!

  2. Good morning, and thank you for stopping by! I do have an early riser, and have had others. My lovely homeschool consultant, Melisa Neilson, taught me years ago to rise at 4. As this early riser sleeps later, my time has mercifully migrated to a little later. You have such a lovely blog, and a great love story!

  3. And here is the url for Veronica's highly entertaining blog: If I knew how to insert that in a link, I would!


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