Saturday, January 11, 2014

DIY Cellulite-Fighting Lotion: French-Style

Weight-loss guides always speak of "rewards" you give yourself for goals met. What I really need is to keep my focus throughout the day so that I do not eat mindlessly while doing other things. However, I knew right away what I would treat myself to if I operated that way; the cellulite-erasing lotions I used to take the time to use when I was young, BC (or before children). I would gaze around the skin-care wall of the pharmacy, having been lured in by the posters promising the smoothest thighs in the world, and discuss potions with the pharmacist. The pharmacists and estheticians all agreed; the properties of caffeine were the best ones for battling cellulite.

In the years since, I have barely had time to think about massaging with those bumpy, hand-held devices with a special soap inserted inside, followed by 2 different creams, twice a day. I thought about buying one, then I thought about making my own, and here is what I found:

I wondered if I could add caffeine to the cream I already make. Pinterest provided the solution and here is the easiest one: (Modification: I still use beexwax in my mixes, just beat it a little more as it cools down.) Thank you, Mom Photographer, for a great recipe and a beautiful blog!

Homemade Coffee Body Lotion

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