Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weight-Loss Tips from Great Friends

On Facebook and by email, I have had responses from kind friends, sharing their wisdom and tips. I've compiled them here, feel free to add any of your own in the "comments" part below the post. Your remarks are welcome, and I read every single one, every time. Thank you!

1) Chocolate: (of course it comes first!) "Hi! My 'diet' hint is to eat Ghiradeli baking chocolate, 100% chocolate, no sugar, in tiny bites that I suck on. No chewing! I think it helps w/ low sugar problems, and I grew to like the taste somehow. (Other brands cannot compare.) It is not really possible to eat much of this."

2) The Power of Self-Image: "Not going to focus on the amount, just on how I feel. The sun and weather here are totally my friends." from a friend who recently moved to San Diego.

3) The Details: "Good luck! I have about the same amount I'm going to lose. What's worked for me in the past was counting calories. Drinking lots of water helps with hunger/cravings."

Note: I did go back to the "My Fitness Pal" app on my phone. I got very excited the first day; stayed within my calorie limits, but friends came by with goodies and I went over a bit. The morning after, I noticed an alert, telling me that my calorie level was neither sufficient to maintain health nor lose weight; not over! I figured setting it at 1000 calories a day would be a good way to start; 1200 is the minimum for a woman. Life is fabulous.

4) There were emails I can no longer locate about the importance of water and the habit of cleansing or fasting for a day or a week. I've had greatly appreciated offers from friends to walk or run with them; thank you!  

I woke up to a feeling of contentment with the universe, life, myself, including all body parts. This well-being, I believe, is at the root of moving forward. Love yourself. Love the divine in yourself, it is each one of us. When you love and honor the goodness that is you, because you are good, you can then love and give to the rest of your family, to the rest of the world.  

Even as I know this to be a profound truth, I can't help but wonder to whom I may give my extra 25 pounds? 

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