Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Charles: Down for the Count


  1. Poor little one! I am feeling with him. I have been enjoying your travels with you!

    This accident reminded me of a time when we lived in London and Miriam had a bladder infection (we did not know that) and I ended up in a hospital with her. That visit was actually a nightmare. The only "normal" and friendly person there was a nurse from Spain!

  2. What a dude.......way to be tough.....Charles....both Sue & I are thinking of you. Hang in there...all of our best to you. All of your crew ----Alana, Gabriela, Ryan Lee, Brady, Hayden, Dacien, Charles, Tim, Nick, Leah and Patrick...are all aware of your practice surgery for when you become a doctor real life a couple of years down the road. I am sure your parents appreciate the practice session as well. Hang in there ....we all miss your happy face! Say hi to the rest of the family with you...Sue & Pat

  3. Hi Guys!
    We miss you too! Thank you for coming by to see what we are up to. You can send pics of the neighborhood back home to us; it looks like the weather there has been MUCH nicer than here; hot, hot and more hot.
    Charles says thanks and we all send big hugs,

  4. Hi Eva, thank you! I am sorry, I did miss your comment at first, and then I was gone until today.
    That's too bad about your London hospital experience. People should always be extra kind to someone who is from another place and in a hospital. It is scary enough not to be home, but to have an ill child or need surgery, or both; too hard! Unfortunately, sometimes impatience is the reaction you get; who's got time for this?
    Take care and thank you for writing, I REALLY appreciate comments!

  5. I am glad you did not delete my comment! No, I am kidding, I did not think you had. Thanks for your comforting words. That hospital stay is still one of the worst experiences of my life.


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