Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Venice; Favorites

Love the houses on the water:

At the end of the island, there is a peaceful, tourist-free neighborhood: Sant'Elena in Castello:

This is, I think, the Canale di Cannaregio, it is just down the street from our GH, but there are a few canals in Venice...

Sant'Elena again:

Balconies, everywhere:

Vaporetti Station, like a bus station, but it rolls with the waves:

Cemetery on the Island of San Michele:

And; an entire visit; the Doges Palace, or the Palazzo Ducale: waiting in line:

Detail of column:

The rest of the Ducal Palazzo; in the following post!


  1. Is it hot? Are there many tourists? It does look wonderful even with tourists.

  2. Hi Eva! It was in the 80s, so warm in the sun but with a constant breeze off the water. Since this was my second trip to Venice, I knew how to avoid the big crowds. We saw San Marco, but did not stay there. We then went the ways I remembered where it was peaceful and beautiful. Murano was a nice little trip, Sant'Elena was too; all green and shady and quiet.

  3. Sounds like you did find authentic places to visit. So nice you could your daughter around.

  4. Ja! And I am finding, alone during the day in Mannheim, less inspiration to go out and discover the town than when I travel with another person. Then again, it could be the rain too!


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