Thursday, June 5, 2014

In Ze French Fridge...Gluten-Free Breakfast in France

My choices would be so flippin' fantastic if I could eat bread, croissants, chocolatines...with butter, real butter that tastes like butter, and my father-in-law's homemade jam. 

Up until today, there has been yogurt. Even at the hospital, I finagled my way
to 2 containers of it for yesterday's breakfast. We're fresh out. So here is the inventory of a "frigo" stocked by my sweet, French in-laws: strong goat cheese, even stronger ewe cheese, a hundred kinds of dessert, pudding-like creams, topped with caramel or whipped cream, champagne (Veuve Cliquot), pate, fois gras, mustard, beer and milk. The cupboards hold snacks of all sorts...the sorts made of flour and sugar, of course, as well as bottled water, mint syrup and wine.

So, I am having a cup of tea, and getting ready to write about our trip, our stop in fabulous Paris and the hospital stay and surgery on day 2.

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