Friday, June 6, 2014

Paris; More

Someone took 743 photos on my new camera in Paris...maybe my photography-loving son who conned me into letting him hold onto it for me. Here is more of who, what and where; friends, family, food and places in Paris.

This is me with Janice, who has been my faithful friend for a long time. She and her husband Benoit  came to fetch us at our house and were our guides extraordinaire, patient (try waiting while 6 people stand in the longest line ever to use the restroom at Starbucks), and fun. Behind us is the "Maison Rose" of Montmartre, the artist quarter of Paris.

I'm pretty sure this guy takes off his mustache at night; more "typical" would be hard to find!

Charles, Cate, Valentine and Alexandre, son of Elise:


Pictures tourists have to take:

These are padlocks, locked onto 2 different bridges, put there by a million crazy lovers, some engraved, some not. You have to wonder if the sheer weight is not a public danger. A Parisian tradition.

Artists and performers everywhere, the kids loved it:

 My Valentine, with a style all her own:


  1. Oh, I just love all the pictures! Please keep posting as time allows.

  2. I love your photos, you look so good Angie. You have lost alot of weight. You both look relieved to be there, and to enjoy life. Your kids are so unique each one has their own style. Love it. Love the photos Ive been copying them and saving them as they inspire my artist in me.


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