Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Ten in days of joy: cranberry sauce and postponing grocery shopping

We are obsessively organized where food is concerned in our house. We make out a menu each week, a shopping list to go with it and shop once. No take-out, no restaurants, unless we are traveling or the occasional exception. However, with the bouts of swine flu the past two weeks, I have been putting off shopping forever, adding a couple of things here and there in quick trips to the store and using up items in our freezer.

Last night I found cranberries from last year; time to eat those! Although it is not yet Thanksgiving, I have sauce simmering on the stove to go with our chicken tonight. We will celebrate with family out of town this year, and the kids will miss their favorite cranberry from scratch sauce, so we're having a mini-holiday now. I'll bake the angel food cake I've been promising Lily as well...a real 1950's dinner.


  1. I love the idea of a mini holiday now since you will be out of town for Thanksgiving!

    And we are also "obsessively organized where food is concerned in our house." I use a menu ALWAYS and only go shopping twice a month. I know many people don't do that, and I'm always amazed at how they make it work for them, lol. I guess it takes all kinds to make our world go around, right?

  2. Right! But I am discovering that even people who say they are unorganized have some sort of system that works for them. Take my desk, for example...I know where everything is, even if to someone else it looks like one big pile of papers!

    We just have to have food organized, otherwise we would eat pasta or rice for every meal and run out of food mid-week.

    How do you make it work with fruit, shopping twice a month?

    How about others? How do you do grocery shopping/menu or no menu food planning? New ideas for food are always welcome!

  3. I buy fruit both times I shop, and we eat the fruit that spoils quickest within the week of shopping. The other fruits that keep longer are saved more towards the middle. And I buy canned or frozen fruit for meals right before I shop again. Same with veggies.

    My reasoning on not shopping more than twice a month is that I am an impulse shopper and would spend way too much money otherwise on stuff we don't need and can't afford. Also, I mostly always make a list and send it with my older girls. They are fast shoppers, like to go on errands, and are good to follow my list, lol.


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