Sunday, November 8, 2009

Days of Joy; Day Sixteen

Yoga class

I have returned to my yoga class after two months of absenteeism. No good reason and a dozen reasons for not going for so long; the baby is ill, everyone else is ill, vacation, it's too nice out, it's too yucky out, I'd rather stay home and knit, someone needs to buy; jeans, rat food, paper, licorice, the cockatiel pooped on my yoga duds as I was walking out the get the picture. That time when there are two adults in the house and it is neither too early nor too late to "get things done" is rare and much needed sometimes. It is so easy to let other things replace what can be viewed as a mini-vacation for mama.

But...everyone does better when mama takes time to go to yoga class! There is something special about relinquishing all actions to someone else's dictation for an hour, stretching the limits of body and mind in a way that does not involve carrying a toddler, stirring soup and talking with the chiropractor on the phone while two kids fight, one plays guitar and another screams for a band-aid. I appreciate the quieting of mind, the wooden floors beneath the yoga mat, the warmth and peace of the room. Thank you to my wonderful teacher and fellow students who make it such a great place to be.


  1. Oh yes, mama time...whatever that means to us sooooo important! Good for you on going back to your yoga. :)

  2. I have been practicing yoga daily for more than 20 years...and yet never go to yoga classes. It sounds delightful, maybe I will try it sometime. :-)

  3. Yes, Tammy, I am trying...there always seems to be something more urgent or important to do, and yet, I know it's important to take care of oneself as well. It feels very selfish, especially now that my two-year-old can say: "Mama, I don't want you to leave." Heartbreaking!

  4. I have practice yoga for 11 years, when I counted up, but I don't do as well outside of a class. My lack of spatial memory, I guess, means I could never remember more than "down dog" without looking at the picture and description in the yoga book each time.

    Meditation, however, I would much rather do on my own! I do not like group meditation as much as group yoga, makes me fidgety.

    Motherbird, did you teach yourself yoga, use a book, video? How resourceful of you.


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