Friday, November 13, 2009

Days of Joy: Day Nineteen

An Office!

We have made an office out of a bedroom, and this is the first time I am sitting in it alone, looking out the upstairs window at the sunrise and the beautiful fall colors in the remaining leaves.

Not that we had a spare bedroom, but there was somehow an empty one, reverted to the name "mama's sewing room," which never lasts long around here because they love to play musical bedrooms all the time. I had so much given up hope on that ever happening again that I removed the fabulous sewing table to the basement, imagining dark, long hours of working on whatever the next project might be...poor me. (I don't mind sewing, but I would really rather be knitting. Sewing is done out of necessity; duvet covers for our French down comforters, curtains, fairy or knight capes, baby slings in a fabric I like, etc.) However, now that it is for the adults to use for work, they may not move into or otherwise take over this space. And guess what the "desk" is for the space? The sewing table with a laptop on it, of course!

To make more space in their bedroooms, two of them have moved their desks into here. This works just fine, they work at their desks in the day time, we use "the office" in the early morning or at night. So when they all unexpectedly woke up with the roosters this morning and daddy had not yet left for work, I took the steps two at a time and promised "just ten minutes" in my new office, joy!

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