Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bike Riding and Romance

When I began the daily journaling of our time in France, I did say there would be three parts to this venture; homeschooling, food and rekindling romance, the married kind. While I have thus far given updates on the first two, I have kept the rest private. No worries, this is a family blog, and I shan't go into any shocking details. Here is an update of how things are looking though.

We decided we would make time for each other and time to be together during these three months. The children's grandparents were eager to spend as much time with them as they could, to make up for lost time and to make memories while we are here. Those two ideas coincided so well that we could not pass up the chance while it was offered. So there are about four days a week when the children are all the way out of the house for a few hours. First we take off all our clothes and run around like the kids after a bath, yelling "tee da da!"...all right, not every day. We make each other tea or coffee, take a minute to talk or take a walk, give foot rubs or massages, take naps; romantic moments that real life allows for, but not with the leisure and luxury we have in an empty apartment. It has been very nice so far and it is nicer each day. I highly recommend it. See if you can't find someone to take the kids somewhere instead of going out yourselves, once in awhile. I'm sure you'll find something interesting to do.

We have also begun biking together. That is a whole other story. Day three was worse than day two, as far as pain goes. However, the sandy part of the path, the one that had me trembling two days ago? Today I attacked it, imagining I was the adventurous, athletic type. I am a rugged, indomitable sportswoman, peddling like mad through the sand, over gravel, through tunnels. This is sooo not me, by the way, in case you don't know me personally. I am going to end up tan and in great shape, my father won't be able to find me at the airport when we get back. But man, is my derriere still sore!

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