Friday, April 23, 2010

Jet Lag!

We arrived a week ago tonight. I usually give the time difference effect about a week to wear off. It has been fantastic to be in our own space this time and to be free to wake up at 11 and have kids squirrling around at 11pm as well. We're not keeping anyone up but ourselves. No well-meaning relatives have popped in to say hi in the morning, lunch is not on anyone's schedule but our own.

But I think I would like this to be over. I am ready for the children to be in bed reading quietly or sleeping at 8 and for me to be up early, alone. I want to reestablish our morning rhythm again, have a "normal" moment together between breakfast and lunch. I wish it were that easy. Changing time zones does funny things to a body, and most likely your mind too. I know patience and time are my best allies, but it would be nice to hurry things up a little bit.

At "bed time" I've tried massaging the kids with calming essential oils, reading stories like at home, baths, snacks. I have not made them get up any earlier in the morning, it seemed pointless to have grumpy children as well as jet-lagged ones. I might be ready for this step. Any other ideas out there from fellow travelers?


  1. Hi Angela! I love reading your updates. My only suggestion is to incorporate an energy-sucking activity into one of your days that's sure to have them in bed by eight. Not sure if it's warm enough or if you're near a beach, but that would be a winner! Lots of Love, Allison

  2. Thanks, Allison! It's so nice to know you are reading, home feels closer that way. Let's see, "energy-sucking activity"...I could have them clean the entire house from top to bottom, wash the laundry by hand and wring it out, then hang it out on the line...or did you mean something FUN? Like playing soccer in the courtyard or going to the park? Probably the latter, sigh, I was hoping to include a nice lesson on morals and discipline along with the energy removal. Good idea, we'll make sure they get out more, or at least lift weights in the apartment!

  3. What a wonderful adventure your family is having! I just found your blog and am having a great time reading about your trip! I'd have to second what Allison said about energy-sucking activities. Also if you tried waking the kids about 30 minutes earlier each day? You might be able to avoid most of the grumpiness that way, while gradually getting them used to the new schedule.


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