Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here We Go...

Dear All,

It is a beautiful morning here in the Midwest, sunny and almost 60, and I took time to meditate and have a cuppa this morning around six, so I am in a great place. "Peace and Calming" has been burning in my diffuser since sunrise, but the rest of them!

Five crazy kids, one hell-bent husband, and too many suitcases. It feels like we are moving house, but it's just a little trip to see the in-laws...for three months, in France. The extra suitcase is for emergency situations which may arise with the new luggage rules. The weight limits are so strict that we have visions of tossing things out like so many sand bags out of a balloon, losing along the way what we were sure we could not live without. This way, we may have a little room to stick things somewhere else. I'd hate to have to leave behind the 155 disposable diapers I got at a bargain price.

I thought I would have a leisurely moment to write, and promise frequent entries from abroad, before packing up my charger, slipping my computer into my carry-on and touring the house one more time for oopses and things, but it appears there are fires to be put out all over the place; "here's my head-gear," "my favorite blanket won't fit in my carry-on," "but I WANT the fluoride rinse," "Where are my Lego 'torm-troopers?" "Hey, Mom, did you see the song I sang is on a website?" "Can I exchange $10 for some French money?"

It is time, good-bye for now, I'm going to miss you, Mom, Dad, sister, brothers, nephews, friends and niece-to-be, see you in three months. You'll hear from us on the other side of the Atlantic.


  1. OH how exciting! I know how much you love France and am thrilled that you will be traveling there - (is your farmhouse picked out? If so, please post pictures)!!! Is DH going with you the entire time?

    When I hear about stories like yours I get so excited that you are really encompassing the beauty and richness of homeschooling. I can't imagine how enriched you all will be on this marvelous cultural journey! Oh! Have fun! And I am SO excited to see your posts on your journey - please do post often! This is how people like me, who can't travel by plane right now, get my fill - lol!

    Safe travels and hope all your belongs make the journey with you all! Don't forget to leave room for things you will be bringing back - lol!

    Blessings to you!

  2. Bon voyager,what fun you will have, happy travels cheers Marie

  3. We will miss you all! Have a great trip and keep us updated. Will be thinking of you often.

  4. Hope you have a great and safe (and easy) trip. We will miss you all and will be thinking of you often. Keep us updated!


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