Friday, April 30, 2010

Downtown Dentist Visit and Organic Family French Program

There was no time to write yesterday. The children stayed home with us all day, that makes a lot of people in one apartment, and then I had to get downtown for a dentist appointment.

Being me, I managed to lose a REALLY big filling on the first whole day here. My father-in-law offered to try to get me into his dentist since she was really good but backed up for a month or more. Yesterday was the first day she had available. I left early, giving myself time to find the dental office and to roam around in town a little while. The spring styles are in all the windows; cute, sexy dresses with handkerchief hems, strappy shoes and funny-looking pants with cuffs at the bottom, ballooning out like in the 80's. I stopped by the one yarn shop in town (of course) and found some wool/cashmere to try out for a biker sweater for Pierre. Then I had a cup of tea called riad at the tea shop I like so much, delicious.

Then I got lost and barely made it to the dentist on time. She ended up being American. I mean, she has always been American, I just didn't know it. We spoke in English the whole time, hers was a little rusty, but very good. She filled my cavity right then and there with one single shot of Novocaine. Nothing hurt, not then, not afterward and not today. I am most grateful.

This afternoon was all about work. Pierre and I spend much of our time together plying our trades side by side. I write and he does whatever it is he does on the computer. At the end of our day we take a break to talk about our projects and the French lessons I have written that day for our Organic Family French Language program. It is coming along nicely. I have revised the organization of the program, the objectives and the order in which vocabulary will be introduced. I will have an announcement soon, I am really happy with the system we have come up with, it will be a big break-through in language training for children and families. At the same time, it now incorporates a Waldorf-lifestyle into its very format. I think you will like it.

Time for a little knitting and dinner, just the two of us, before the munchkins come tearing in.

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  1. Always nice to have some "Together time". Thanks for your kind words about my needle felt art and my Gardener,you are a sweetie, I went to France 35 years ago for a short visit and loved it. cheers Marie


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