Friday, August 27, 2010

Bird Watching

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  1. My son was wondering what bird this is?

  2. Hi Eva,

    This is Lucy, Lily's white-faced cockatiel. She's a funny bird, she'll sit on my finger or shoulder, she answers back when Lily calls to her, but not when anyone else tries to. Do you have a bird?

  3. Thank you, Angela. I will tell my son. We don't have a bird, but a cat! I always wanted a bird when I was a child, but never got one. I do love cats too, though.

  4. We love cats too, but our noses and eyes do not. We hope to find a dog that we can all live with in the near future.

    Arthur has wished for a dog ever since he turned four and the other kids asked him what he wanted for his birthday: a mouse, a bird, a spider? "No, something that barks."

  5. And that dog is from Arthur's favorite felting source: Felted Dogs, of course.

  6. My husband normally has allergic reactions to cats, but not to ours! I've heard that outdoor-indoor cats don't cause problems. It also helps when they don't get any dry catfood.


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