Friday, August 20, 2010

Tribute to Writers, Readers of Blogs and Followers

Life is happening around here, I am just not yet adjusted to getting up early enough to write about it...or when I do, it has been for another reason (sick children, nightmares, trips).

So, as yet another busy day begins, I salute and thank from the bottom of my heart, all those who spend time each day reading and writing. To all the people who have told me they have read this blog, thank you, it warms my heart each time I hear that. To all of those who have signed up as "Followers," I am touched. And to the rest of you writers, thank you for sharing your world through words that make it come alive for us readers.

Have the best Friday ever, it will be as good as you make it!


  1. Lovely post-I hope your Friday is wonderful too.

    Best wishes,

  2. How kind to give thanks,the computer sure has opened up my small world, so I now can make a global connection from my small rural homestead in New Zealand. So many thanks, to you. love and light Marie

  3. Awwww shucks.... we love you too :)


    With a Smile,

    Marlis (aka you know who I am :) )


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