Monday, August 9, 2010

How to Irritate Your Wife

"Yellow number five, red number forty, blue one, corn syrup, fractionated coconut oil (what???)," let's have oatmeal guys instead, har, har."

A litany like this is a surefire way to inspire one's spouse to rage...or to leave the dinner table in the middle of a meal to vent on her blog. They're having gummy bears for dessert, I am having more salad, thanks.

It is not easy being an involved, caring mother, looking out for the health of her little cubs. Thank goodness for the health of Papa Bear that he cooks a whole lot of healthy food.


  1. Sorry, I vote for Gummi Baeren too. I am Germanm, whaddyawant... LOL. Haribo macht Kinder froh, und Erwachsne Ebenso (Haribo brings joy to kids and grownups too)

  2. It is not easy sometimes, the whole find good food thing, you are lucky with your man though, cheers Marie

  3. Those dirty words get me all worked up too!

  4. OK, Marlis, ya, ya, ya, I like gummy bears too, and hubby only eats Haribo, they remind him of his childhood...but to purposefully recite the ingredient list, out's too much. You did make me laugh, though!

  5. Marie,

    The voice of experience, thank you for the support!

  6. Nina,

    We are so on the same page, I almost choked laughing, but not on gummy bears!!!


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