Monday, August 30, 2010


Why is one suddenly struck with this bothersome condition? Do you remember "Cien Anos de Soledad" or "One Hundred Years of Solitude" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, where the whole darn town is insomniac for years on end?

It is almost midnight. I believe in going to bed early, and I did, but sleep has eluded me for the past two hours.

I wonder if the sleeplessness has anything to do with the excess zeal that has me furiously decluttering and cleaning out corners of the house that have needed it for an age? Does one simply have too much energy at certain times of the year, of one's life? Hmmm, now I find myself typing with my eyes closed, so much for that theory. Guess I'll see if I can turn that pot of honey into...I really am sleeping...and typing. I have no idea what I meant by that last phrase, good night!


  1. Clearing things out, have stirred up corners and now new thoughts and things can fill those places. Also of course your mind has more space. Ask, just before falling asleep for your higher guides etc to let you have a calming restful sleep. cheers Marie

  2. Insomnia is a curse, I agree. I hope that, unlike the people in Gabriel Garcia Marquez' book (goodness, I need to read that again, I loved his books), you will find sleep's warm embrace soon.

  3. Thank you, Marie dear,

    Words of wisdom as I prepare to end another day here...and hopefully not find myself typing words from my subconscious at 1am!

    Have a good day if you are beginning it on the other side of the world.



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