Sunday, June 23, 2013

Active Kids

This morning I was pondering how to tell you the ways in which we have motivated our kids to stay fit through the years. We haven't, not really. As I mentioned yesterday, there has not been an intentional decision somewhere along the road to do so. Our family is active because we've followed our interests and the kids follow us and then expand into their own. 

Sure, there have been a couple of classes along the way (like martial arts in a hot, muggy dojo every summer), but we believe in simplifying life as much as we can, so kung-fu and dance are the only classes they take, and these were both child-led and remain so today. My son saw his future kung-fu master (sifu) at a Manga festival (where his artwork was displayed) and the connection happened for him like magic. The others decided they wanted to give it a try too. Valentine has been crazy about dance for years, and she finally took lessons this year.

Sailing is what we do in the summer. It is quite physical, because before you can stand and look pretty for a photo you have to prep the boat; get it from the dry dock to the water (a huge effort), clean, take out the sails and connect them, wrestle the picnic and sunscreen and supplies into the boat and then actually sail it.

Hiking is a favorite all year, but especially in the spring and fall, in the winter we go sledding or play outside. The photos are for ideas of how to keep moving.


  1. Your son finding his situ that way reminds me of the old kung fu proverb: "When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear."

    Seems to be the case here. :)

  2. I think it is; first love: art + new obsession: manga (+ some sacrifice, as he had to miss a big family event to go to the art show)= finding the right teacher at the right time.


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