Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mama Fitness: Vacation vs.Real Life

I often return from a holiday with mixed feelings concerning diet and exercise. On one hand, we were outdoors (we almost always camp), and active so much more of the time than we ever are at home, on the other, I overindulged, just because it was vacation. I always mourn needing to return to an inside environment after experiencing wildlife, birdsong and fresh air for days on end. No matter how I try, there is never enough time or reason to be outside as much in daily,"normal" life. And there is so much to be done inside! 

Here are photos from this year's adventure; 16 hours in a car with 5 children, 6 fabulous days in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains; hiking the trails up mountains, along waterfalls, through the woods, seeing everywhere we looked, mule deer and elk and almost touching those big, velvety antlers, they were so close. We went horseback riding, walked everywhere, and met up with good friends for a few days of bliss.  Then another 16 hours home again.

How do you manage to keep up a proper diet when you are away from home? How do you balance being at home and in the office with spending lots of time out of doors? Ideas and suggestions welcome!


  1. RE: diet while traveling... I faced this last year, with two family members who'd just spend 1.5 years on the GAPS diet. Turning down Kaffeekuchen when people invited us felt rude, so we let up on the wheat. I took both milk and water kefir grains along and set those up right away.

    RE: balancing the outdoor time... some colleagues and I try to get together daily at "lunchtime" for tai chi, followed by a short walk outside. While we walk, we chat, and so have developed good friendships. We've also got a group of "walking ladies" in the office. They have a two-mile loop through which they zoom at a good clip. Every now and then I skip tai chi and join the ladies. That's a walk-and-talk, too, giving us a chance to get to know each other outside of the work we do together.

  2. Thank you, Truffula, I like your way of both preserving hosts' feelings and take an "ounce of prevention," as well.

    Love the talk and walks! Being accountable to another person or group of people is a great motivator.

    Thanks for stopping in, hope to hear from you again soon.



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