Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Update: Workout

This ubiquitous American term "work-out" seems to have two connotations. For guys, it means pumping iron in a sweaty gym full of guy-guys, for women, some aerobics class full of skinny women in spandex. I never gave it much thought, except to wonder what the question pertained to when it was asked. (Do I lift? Do I go to the gym? I walk and swim, is that what they mean?) Then I realized it was just a conversation filler when it was in a question form.

Now I guess I can say I WORK OUT, for real, and I love it! I still prefer to walk for miles outdoors and always will, but this new dimension to fitness is empowering; I did not think I would make it through even one class, and this morning I am heading out the door to yet another one, no spandex, just a water bottle, a towel and awaiting barbells at the Y. 

The only sore spots were my quadriceps after class number one. It really is fun, give it a try!

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