Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Adventure Blog

Get your family excited about being outside, being active live a real adventure! This blog:The Adventure Blog is the place to see, hear and learn about the people exploring the world over on a daily basis. I feel like an armchair traveler when reading it, seeing the planet; places both familiar and new from a whole new perspective. We use it in our homeschool world to spice up geography. You can point to a continent or a river on the globe, but to see someone climbing a mountain in the Antarctic, here: or racing canoes on the Yukon River: puts it into a much more exciting context. How about a small island becoming the place Amelia Earheart lived her last moments? History and incredible exploit.

A friend I have known for a very long time, Kraig Becker, started this blog to prove a point to a friend who lamented that "there were no more adventures to be had today." He has been posting daily for years now and is never short of fantastic material.  He also writes first-hand of his own extreme fitness; running, climbing mountains, you name it. The Adventure Blog is a celebration of a world that has not become the mundane place that we may think it has.

Inspire yourself, your children, your parents, to do more than merely observe life. Check out this multi-faceted, fun blog... and then get moving. 

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