Sunday, June 27, 2010

Erratum to French with Kids

I thought, as the week went on, that I would write a little more about the program and how it works, but I have been prompted to do so sooner by a most pertinent comment and question. ("Do you and your children sit in front of the computer screen to learn?") Here is how we envision the program:

There are daily lessons that fit into a weekly lesson on a theme. The weeks fit into a two-month cycle that begins with the morning and makes its way through a day in the life of a child (at any age); waking up, brushing and scrubbing, going out, for a walk or a drive, meal time, time for play (games or younger play), snack time and a chapter on living together in peace (with good manners tossed in.) The cycle begins again with new vocabulary for the same time of day.

Using the program: the first lesson begins with waking up in the morning. Mom (or dad) takes a look at the expression for the day, listens to the pronunciation, and goes to wake their off-spring with those words. She gives a choice of two expressions with which the young person can respond, or perhaps you have looked a the words the night before and everyone knows their roles already. Action is even preferable to answering, since it also translates understanding of the words just spoken, but a "oui, papa," can certainly accompany action.

Along the way, there will be lessons on the side in culture, fun customs and traditions, a little grammar, and a great lexicon that includes not only the vocabulary in the lessons, but all the little extras you may want to add in; if the lesson includes "put your shoes on," you may want to know how to say "sandals" or "tennies." We will add to this list as your requests come in. We will also take requests for vocabulary in future lessons, but we'll answer your emails right away with any help you may need.

Send your comments and questions, I welcome them and will answer them as they arrive. Ciao for now!


  1. Oh, This is so must clearer now, many thanks for taking the time to answer, cheers Marie

  2. Hello, Angela:

    I am so excited--for you and to see this going forward! I am hoping to use this as a model for Spanish at some point, too.


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