Monday, June 28, 2010

Health Care Like This?

I have waited to post on this, discretion was an issue on which we have finally come to an agreement and then I had the patient to look after as well as the French program to work on. Here it is at last; I spent an entire day at the hospital last week here and I have a lot to say about the experience. I promised the person in question that I would not reveal the silly accident that landed them in the hospital for a day, so you will have the hows, whats, wheres and whens, but not the whos or whys.

First the photos, as you can see, the room is rather austere, unwelcoming but superbly clean, functional and enough. This is the out-patient section, I have not seen the regular hospitalization part, but it is probably much the same, maybe with tv, telephone and an armchair. The rooms are all double in the out-patient section, but it was a slow day, so we had the space to ourselves.

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