Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot Summer Days in France

The hot, really hot sun felt so good on my skin after weeks of cold and rain. The feeling lasted for about 24 hours and that was that. I'm trying, I really am, to love the heat. I love the way it makes things grow and the beautiful sunshine. I could live in Scotland, in the mountains, with little trouble.

So, it is summer, sunny, hot days and outdoor activities. The children are outside all of the time, (so am I), and it is wonderful. They go for hikes with Papy and run all over the yard, playing soccer and flying the airplane. I move as little as possible and drink lots of water. We eat outside, all three meals, we can walk anywhere (but I don't want to anymore) . The market is beautiful again and the town festivals have begun.

This weekend it was the festival of our little village; carnival rides and games and a dance that we were too tired to make it to Saturday night, beginning at 11. We did have a great time at my sister-in-law's house with our little niece and all the kidos. We had the pre-dinner (aperitif) for an hour or so while it stormed something awful, and then headed right back outside, wiped off the tables and ate out of doors like nothing had happened.

DH desperately wants to bike, but we have so many invitations in these last days that we have to borrow the car all of the time, oh well. (Like I am getting on a bicycle in this weather anyway!) Ah, happy days of summer, welcome, here's your hat, what's your hurry?

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