Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For Lovers of Language and Music

Remember our friends from Toulouse, the Esperantists with all of the instruments in their home? Well, I just got the story from JM on the balalaïka; it means "to mock" in Russian, it was, at one time, forbidden, by the tsar, to make musical instruments. By making them in their homes, they were mocking the tsar. That is why they are small, they could be hidden under one's coat, and the triangular form is easy to make.

If you have not checked out his video yet, you really should, it will give you a laugh to start (or end) the day! Just click below and enjoy.

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  1. Interesting story. I purchased my knitted balloon from a thrift shop, where an elderly lady had knitted it,it was a "one off", glad you liked it.It has been sold. cheers Marie


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