Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On Homeschooling: Guest Post

I listened to a podcast the other day, an interview on The Waldorf Connection with homeschool author, Tammy Takahashi. I liked her "zen" approach to learning and embarked upon an enthralling visit to her blog. Here is an article I could relate to, having heard the comments many times from concerned others in my life. I reprint it with permission from the author, thank you, Tammy!

The Weird Homeschool Girl Goes to School

I was reading one of the many online discussions about homeschool socialization, and one of the comments was this:

“It all depends on the parents and how they home school you. I was not home schooled but I have nothing against it. However I have seen a girl that was home schooled go to our high school and I felt bad for the girl she seemed like she came from a different country. Her parents kept her in the dark from a lot of stuff. Including sex ed.”

I tried to make a comment, but it gave me an error. So, I’ll post it here. This is what I was going to respond to her:

“Veronica_J said that there was a homeschool girl who seemed like she was from another country.

First, what’s wrong with being from another country?

Second, if public school kids are so well socialized and so accepting of people who are different than them, then wouldn’t they step up and help her get accustomed to her new environment?

Three, what about kids who move from a different state, or come from private schools, and don’t know their way around our local schools? Should we feel sorry for them too?

Four, what about kids who have been going through the entire school system, and still seem like they are from another country? Who do we blame?

The problem isn’t that homeschool kids are taught different things, don’t know how to socialize, or have trouble integrating. It’s that public school kids are taught that being different is a bad thing, and that to be “weird” will destroy their life.

Which, as adults, we know is totally not true. In fact, being weird is often the thing that keeps us alive and from being swept under the current of modern day life. “

One vote for "weird"!

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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed Tammy's workshop, I know I did.. made me really think.

    Donna Ashton

  2. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for stopping in and writing! I am very much enjoying your workshops, at odd hours here in France, but they are interesting at any hour. Thank you for your meaningful work, you are a jewel for homeschoolers.



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