Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And the Children are Doing What?

I'm riding along on my bike, admiring the small chateau across the way, the poppies blowing in the breeze, and the snake at my feet; NO I'M NOT. I'm not afraid of snakes, but I do not like being surprised by them either. It was a long black one. It was also more afraid of me than I was of it, so it was gone in a flash. Lots of things along one path in particular, make slithering noises back into the brush as we ride past, mostly, (I hope) they are the cute little lizards that live here, but just to keep some spice in life, once in awhile, it's a snake.

Homeschooling in a new and different environment is like that. You are never sure what may be waiting to be discovered just around the next corner. Most of the time the surprises are good ones, and when they are a little special, you learn how to deal with something new.

Today, the children are spending the afternoon with their grandparents again. There they may spend an hour or two playing card or board games. Lunch was at noon and they will definitely have a snack at 4:00. They may go fly model airplanes with Papy or go for a long walk with him through the woods, along the railroad tracks or somewhere else. They may go to the zoo, play soccer in the back yard, play Legos or read books. Mamie and Papy are retired and do not like to have a game plan, they'd rather see what the weather is like and wing it. They eat at religiously regular hours, and as for the never can tell.

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  1. Your days, and the childrens', sound so very pleasant! I just love times (and homeschooling) like that, with nothing but the good food planned out for the day, and letting life and learning be fun and spontaneous!


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