Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three! Trois! 3 III San! Drei! !Tres!

My baby turned three yesterday. There is something a little bit sweet, a little bit tragic and a little bit final in this. I am trying to deal with this in a rational, adult, non-dramatic fashion. My children are growing up. They are supposed to do that, that's the whole point, right? (No, the whole point is sniffing tiny babies, nursing them, ah, especially nursing, and holding them close, gazing for hours at minuscule finger nails, bright eyes, fuzzy little ears and miniature toes.) The really hard, physical labor and the not-ever-sleeping part of motherhood is probably coming to an end, that's swell. They are all healthy, capable of about anything they put their hearts and minds to do. Each one is becoming everything a mother could wish for in her child.

They're just not so small anymore.


  1. Oh Angela...happy birthday to your baby (((hugs))) - I know it's a bittersweet moment. You're such a great mom and there are so many great adventures ahead for your little ones. My question is - is it time for #6???? ;D

  2. Thank you for the warm wishes! As for number six, as wonderful as it would be...another tiny baby to love and child to is not for any time soon.

    I am looking forward to finding the right family dog this summer; one adventure after another!


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