Thursday, May 20, 2010

Carcassonne, the Keep

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  1. Dear Angela,

    My son has always been fascinated by Carcasonne and enjoyed the pictures of it on your blog.

    I also noticed that you eat dairy and gluten free. We've been dealing with food sensitivities and allergies for a long time and know what that is like.

  2. Hi Eva!

    I am catching up on the lovely comments kind readers have left, and here is yours. I meant to answer this one right away, drat!

    Have you been to Carcassonne too? Germany is full of great castles too, isn't it? I remember a few of them from my trip to visit a friend in Berlin (when there was still a wall in Berlin!)

    Yes, food sensitivities make us very inventive cooks!



  3. Angela, I just noticed your reply to my comment. I haven't been to Carcassonne, but I've visited many castles all over Europe. My parents love to travel and I saw quite a bit of Europe as a child.
    I also used to study in Würzburg and lived very close to two beautiful castles.
    My sister lives in Münster where you can find lots of castles surrounded by water. These are unique (they are like islands).


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