Monday, May 10, 2010


I have missed my beloved friends from Toulouse for too many years. These past few days have been magical,memorable and just perfect. Thank you, friends, for making it that way. The party Friday night included around twenty people, every one of whom we adore: OK; there was one who is not yet in that category because I met him for the first time that night, but he is in the running for a spot. One was missing, she has moved on to another realm, but she is very much present in our hearts. They brought with them their twenty-some children, they're so big! Mostly they played ball and ran around, and they all seemed like great kids, polite,gorgeous children, it was a pleasure to see them again.

My attempts to write on a French keyboard shall come to an end. I have pictures to share and more stories too, when I am once more in possession of my laptop. (Cultural note: the A and Q are in opposite spots, Z and W too, and the punctuation is ALL mixed around, all done!)


  1. It is always lovely to have friends and family around, cheer s Marie

  2. It really and truly is, and this time in particular. The importance of friendship and kinship has increased greatly for me of late.


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