Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Now there is nothing worse than to feel remote in your heart from the things you have to do with your head. "

This title is another Steiner quote from the same lecture. Lest unschooling friends of mine shy away from this lecture, I wanted to point out that there are diverse and pertinent aspects to it as a whole. He talks of the problem of learning so much information that one doesn't have time to think it over, resulting in cramming and then forgetting and the harm it does. There is an exercise suggested for overcoming forgetfulness that is exactly the opposite of what my Feng Shui consultant friend and common sense would tell you, very interesting. I have begun trying it with my knitting bag; big incentive to succeed!

If this is your first time reading Steiner (Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Waldorf school movement), look at the second footnote at the bottom of the text before you begin, there is a short explanation of the "four bodies" that is helpful. Anthroposophy only sounds like a scary, weird branch of study, it really is fascinating, not religious and not anti-religious, give it a try.

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